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Industrial Designer


•   Qualified applicants must have an undergraduate or graduate degree in Industrial Design and 3+  years of professional experience in product or transportation design.
•   Strong project management, excellent communication skills and a strong attention to detail are required. You have strong, verbal, written and visual presentation skills. You possess great drawing and 3D skills
•   Foreign language skills are not required, though fluency particularly in German is an asset.
•   You must integrate well into a multi-cultural team environment.  The ability to travel is a plus.

If you share our vision and view yourself as an independent, creative thinker, please apply online with a cover letter, resume and your portfolio.  Images should demonstrate:

•   your technical proficiency
•   a strong personal point of view and design thinking
•   deep understanding and appreciation of aesthetics, articulated clearly and concisely
•   the ability to tell a compelling visual story
•   the ability to prototype in 3 dimensions


我聘请的上海! 你是一个工业设计师与飞机火车和汽车的经验?

你有消费产品设计技能? 请将组合与相关样品。

我们希望看到的草图和设计的过程中,不只是成品的视觉效果。 请理解这不是一个入门级的位置。


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